If When it comes to security and surveillance, you've come to the right place. Our job is to eliminate security risks so you can feel safe at all times.

The The Internet has become an integral part of business and private life. It is used for entertainment, information gathering, advertising, business transactions, online banking and ultimately global communication. And it is a global space where crimes are committed.

Last but not least, it can also be your own employees who abuse the possibilities of the Internet. In Germany alone, economic damage is estimated to run into billions.

The specialists at Sehgal-Security have been dealing with these problem areas for many years. From advising our customers to prosecuting crimes through to implementing effective protective measures, we provide you with comprehensive advice!.

Sehgal – your versatile partner

  • Security services
  • Property protection/alarm tracking
  • Personal security
  • Monitoring of the sales rooms
  • Absence tasks
  • Alarm systems, installation/maintenance
  • Event protection
  • Investigation and observation services
  • Construction site monitoring, patrol service for construction sites
  • Motorcycle and bicycle patrol
  • Video surveillance